Are you looking to have your junk removed and have questions? Hopefully the FAQ below helps.

Q: What does it cost?

A: To post your items for removal it is absolutely free. From there, you choose a winning bid to remove your items. So, the end cost is totally up to you. There may be times where charities, freecyclers, and other people will pick up your items for free, and give you a bid for $0! In this case, it will cost you absolutely nothing, and you receive the enjoyment of knowing that your goods will be used by someone else.

Q: So, I don't get paid to have my items removed?

A: No, you are not posting your items for sale. For that there are various other sites out there - including Craigslist, Kijiji and eBay., is a service to have your junk removed.

Q: How do I know if there are junk haulers in my area that are using ?

A: Frankly, there may not be. But, we will find them for you! If an item is posted to a new area where there are no registered haulers, we will hunt the internet for various junk haulers in your area, so they can offer you a quote.

Q: What if I don't find a bid that I like?

A: If you don't find any of the junk removal bids acceptable, you don't have to accept any as the winning bid. We encourage to list only when you are ready to have your items removed, as the junk haulers bidding on your junk do put a considerable amount of time bidding on the goods, but you are under no obligation to accept a bid.

Q: Why don't I just use a large junk removal company?

A: That option is completely yours! Using a large junk removal company is also a safe bet, but it will also cost considerably more - sometimes 2 - 3 times more. The majority of junk haulers using this service have a much lower overhead and marketing costs. Also, you are able to choose junk haulers that are closer your location, bringing down drive times and fuel costs.

Q: What happens to my stuff, once it is removed?

A: In a lot of cases, the junk hauler will try and find a new home for your stuff. On the junk hauler's bid, they can specify if that will try and recycle or re-use your junk. We encourage all haulers to try and recycle, re-use, refurbish or re-sell the goods that they pickup.

Q: What if the Junk Hauler arrives and tries to charge me more than the quoted amount?

A: This is against our terms of service. The junk hauler must charge you the amount quoted (this includes surcharges, dumping charges, or any other fees). Failing to do so will result in suspension and/or removal from the website. The only exception is if you want more items removed that were not specified in the original bid request. At that point, you and the hauler are free to agree on a fair price for the new items. Or, you are free to post a new request on the website for the new items.

Q: What types of items can I post for removal?

A: Just about anything! As long as the junk hauler can legally remove it and dispose of it, then you are free to post.